Whole Roast Lamb

Whole roast lamb is an indispensable dish in grand feast banquets to serve those honored guests, and it is usually prepared for a group of people at special parties, such as wedding party or other festivals. After finished cooking, we take the lamb on a special cart and place in front of guests. The most honored guest at the gathering is then invited to cut the first piece and eat before the rest of the lamb is cut and served around the party. Serving a whole Roasted lamb is a magnificent thing cooked in a kind of special oven.


The popular whole roast lamb
Whole roast lamb is Mongolian’s traditional food. It is popular in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.

The whole roast lamb
Famous Traditional Mongolia Dish. It is a decent dish for VIPs or big ceremonies. In this dish, a whole lamb is kneeling down on the plate, with its crisp skin and freshly cooked meat.

Greet guests with whole roast lamb
Whole roast lamb has become a traditional dish for local Xinjiang people to welcome guest from far away.

The unique taste of whole roast lamb
Whole roast lamb takes on a yellow color, with crispy skin and soft meat.

Equally famous whole roast lamb
Whole roast lamb is as famous and good as well-known Beijing Roast Duck and Guangzhou Roasted Suckling Pig

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