Grand palace in Bangkok, Thailand 曼谷皇宫

Couple years ago, I got the chance to visit my friend Lin in Bangkok, he is doing e-commerce business there.

And grand palace is one of the top places you should visit if you go to Bangkok.

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And since it is palace, we should talk about some emperors. At that time, I learn that 郑信Taksin is one of the five greatest emperors in the history of Thailand.  His father is from Canton, China. His family name 郑 is translated into Zheng(mainland China), Cheng(Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau), Tak(Thailand), trinh(Vietnam)or (Jeong, Jong, Chung, Jung in Korea). The greatest emperor Taksin has the same family name as me.

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this picture is taken from the other side of the river


Max and me, couple years ago


we took a boat


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somewhere in the palace

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