Business change the world. (Somalia Piracy)

This is a Japanese news from “Harbor Business” in Japanese.


木村清 hire Somalia Pirates to fishing for him

There were serious piracy off the coast of Somalia since 2000. Somalia pirates attack ships, so many countries need to send their navy to protect their civilian ships. But nowadays, it is safer in that area. The number of attack drop down to almost 0.

According to <Harbor Business> the boss of the sushi shop (すしざんまい,Sushi Zanmai)木村清 “destroy” the piracy. “I hired pirates to do fishing for me, and they still work for me now”, 63 years old 木村清 said it during the interview.  There are plenty Thunnus (so called true tunas or real tunas) in the pelagic zone of Somalia, but because of the piracy, people don’t wanna go and fish.


But 木村 think, pirates are also human. They can communicate. So he go and talk to pirates. And he is happy to learn that pirates are not really like doing what they were doing before, they do that just for living. And pirates say they like to get a more dignity job. So 木村 offer the opportunity to work with them. Them 木村 handle most of the problems in the business, like how to get the fish frozen, how to sell the fish while Somali is not member of Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, IOTC.

He teach the pirates how to fishing, how to get the fish frozen, help Somali join IOTC. And he make a promise to pirates that he will buy all the fish they got, in this way they don’t need to worry about how to sell the fish.

According to 木村, there are so many NGO and countries offer assistance in Somali, but they don’t really solve the problem. You gotta help the pirate get a job, offer education.

In summary, did he really solve the problem? I don’t think so. The number of attack drop down, one main reason is so many countries send their own navy to protect their civilian ships. And it become harder and harder for Somalia pirates to attack. In this situation, more pirates are seeking other chance for a living. They can do whatever job to make a living, legal or illegal.

木村’s business with Somalia pirates get the praise of Djibouti, the neighbor of Somalia. Djibouti government send him a honor metal. According to 木村, he hasn’t get profit from the business yet, the company is still in the red. But the big business is not about focusing on the profit you can see now, it is about how to make customers happy, satisfy the demands of the customers. It is business.

This news reminds one article from “The art of war”, 屈人之兵而非战也, subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting.


The economic can change the world, and is now changing the world.





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