Monthly Archives: February 10, 2016

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Business change the world. (Somalia Piracy)

This is a Japanese news from “Harbor Business” in Japanese. 木村清 hire Somalia Pirates to fishing for him There were serious piracy off the coast of Somalia since 2000. Somalia pirates attack ships, so many countries need to send their navy to protect their civilian ships. But nowadays, it is safer in that area. The number… Read more »

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Grand palace in Bangkok, Thailand 曼谷皇宫

Couple years ago, I got the chance to visit my friend Lin in Bangkok, he is doing e-commerce business there. And grand palace is one of the top places you should visit if you go to Bangkok.   And since it is palace, we should talk about some emperors. At that time, I learn that 郑信Taksin… Read more »

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Whole Roast Lamb

Whole roast lamb is an indispensable dish in grand feast banquets to serve those honored guests, and it is usually prepared for a group of people at special parties, such as wedding party or other festivals. After finished cooking, we take the lamb on a special cart and place in front of guests. The most… Read more »